The Three Epicures have come together from diverse career backgrounds—an investment banker, a surgeon, and a philosopher—to pursue their passions for creating luxury dining experiences with the world’s finest food and wine.

Previously Vice President at one of the world’s largest bond trading companies and now the owner of The Wine Elite—a sommelier company specializing in high-end wine tasting experiences—Jörn Kleinhans has used his distinctive wine tasting methodology to teach thousands of wine students and enthusiasts the essentials of fine wine appreciation.

A former urologic surgeon, and now an extensively-trained culinary aficionado and owner of Jammies Organic Artisanal Jams, Larrian Gillespie employs her intricate knowledge of human physiology and food chemistry to create spot-on pairings that never fail to impress. She brings clarity to a complex art which eludes even the most experienced food and wine professionals.

With an academic background in philosophy and a long-standing interest in the world of luxury goods, Adam Edmonsond, also a sommelier with The Wine Elite, brings an uncommon perspective to the finer things in life, challenging common notions about the meaning of luxury and its role in “the good life.”

Coco Chanel is supposed to have said, “Luxury is not the opposite of poverty; it is the opposite of vulgarity.” The Three Epicures embody the belief that luxury, in whichever form it is available to a particular individual, is not the opposite of “necessity”, but a vital element of human happiness that is worth pursuing.

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